God Complex

from by Montana Macks

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I’ve put in a lot of time and i haven't gotten my due, now I’m learning I have to stand on my own two/
I spent a lot of time investing myself in you, then i realized you were never really bout crew/
It was always lip service, you never spit with a purpose, cuz you haven't seen the bottom, you've only seen the surface/
And you never could fathom, the belly of my verses, cuz it comes from the gut of a very jaded person/
Created by a surgeon, in the womb of a virgin, and groomed to run on stage and pull down the curtains/
I know this for certain, ill struggle to the end, cuz my muzzle blasts trouble, that’s where the story begins/
Sit down my friends and watch the tower crumble, got a sour taste in my mouth, and I can't look into puddles/
I’m not even puzzled, I’ve analyses the process, I just lack the discipline to do anything to stop it

It doesn’t really matter, in the grand scheme/
If you steal my ideas, it’s still makes me king/
I don’t do it for the money, I do it for the dream/
And im hungry enough to lick my plate clean/

I’m stuck in the thickets but don’t get it twisted, I’ll still sell more tickets than the rest of you bitches/
I was birthed with virtue, while you were catching curfew, i taught you your world view, you lost the one you turn to/
When nobody heard of you, and cats used to murder you, i took you under my wing, and showed you how to work it through/
And i can say with certitude, without me there is no you, so don’t you bullshit me, the way i taught you how to do/
If you cross that line, I’m taking what’s mine, and bear in mind, I’m from a slime you don’t typically find/
So don’t spit to me like I’m some regular cat, I’m Mr. Macks your creator don’t you ever forget that/
Otherwise i may revert to an alternate approach, the one in real life, where i do cut out your throat/
Don’t take this as a joke, take it as fair warning, i double dare you, you won’t see tomorrow morning/


from Nostalgia, released March 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Montana Macks Chicago, Illinois

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